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We supply CBD in all forms needed and required by our clients: CBD Isolate, CBD distillate, CBD oil, biomass, flowers, seeds and a variety of CBD products. 
Our products have the highest standards such as GMP, cGMP, etc. with quality control throughout the all process. All our products are never synthetic and based on Cannabis from EU and USA. Those are followed by our efficient and professional service and competitive prices.
CBDIKT is a member of a group of companies that produce, develop, and supply CBD products for several years. We create and developed a variety of CBD products and components with extremely high CBD percentage, as well as many genetic species of plants with CBD content up to 20%. Our team includes the best Cannabis experts, growers, production team, PhD and engineer.

With respect to traders, brokers, online stores etc. which can sell CBD products without any support, stability or liability, our activity is based on developing and fitting the exact products matching the client's needs.
Creating solutions in the form of specific types of CBD, dedicated to explicit products of our clients. Wide range of CBD products, and constantly expanding through research and development.

Soluble CBD isolates dedicated to various types of drinks

CBD isolates that are flavor neutral - used specifically for water that does not cause the bitter taste of water

CBD isolates dedicated for Energy Drinks

CBD isolates dedicated to alcoholic beverages as beer and wine, our formula secures that CBD will not be degraded by alcohol

CBD isolates dedicated to vodkas - an isolate that, in addition to CBD protection, contains natural hemp flavor

CBD isolate dedicated to products such as jelly bears, chewing gums, lollipops

CBD products for animals

CBD isolate used as a component for dog and cat food

CBD isolate used for animal feed

CBD oils for animals - a food supplement added in the form of drops with each meal that does not contain psychoactive THC
CBD products the cosmetics sector
CBD dedicated to cosmetic products: shampoos, moisturizing creams, oiling creams, lotions, micellar liquids, soaps etc.
Other CBD product offered by our company

CBD distillates 97% (broad and full spectrum) - used as components of daily meals and diets
Dewaxed CBD distillates 97% for use in capsule form
Discover the best formulas and commercial solutions for your new CBD line.
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