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Specializing in CBD
Lets grow together

Supplying the commercial and pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers & distributors with all forms of CBD: Isolates, distillates, oils, raw materials and more CBD products.


Connecting investors and funds to entrepreneurs, growers, factories and CBD projects that need investments.

Developing and selling new CBD products by our brand name and with recommendations by known doctors.


Entering CBD products into

Distribution lines , clinics, Pharmacies

Chain stores, marketplaces Etc. Etc.


Our global activities include projects in USA, Europe, Asia, South America

Developing new innovative, patented products which are new to the markets

Opening new markets for our partners. distributing and selling CBD materials and products in Asia: Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India and more emerging markets

Clinical trials for new treatments.

Helping manufacturers and brands to have there products tested and approved by the most prestige clinic


Among the worldwide clients are  the finest pharmaceutical and medical companies, manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler, dealers, clinics and labs, growers and farms, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies including the most known brands in the sectors of: 

Medical and Pharma

Recreational and life quality

Cosmetics and beauty

Food, beverages and supplements 

E-commerce and online businesses

Trading and global purchasing offices,

  CBD and hemp wholesalers. 


We are working hard and focused on bringing solutions and helping the people of the world by making  CBD available for everybody. We are honored to be a part of this worldwide CBD revolution and our vision is free CBD affordable and easy to get to everyone. There is a great joy helping people that suffer from various health problems and preventing illnesses.

We supply CBD in all forms needed and required by our clients: flowers, Isolate, oils, and a variety of CBD products. Selling quality products and raw materials to the industry, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, super dealers, clinics and labs, growers and farms, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies including the most known brands of : Medical and Pharma, Recreational and life quality, Cosmetics and beauty, Food, beverages and supplements, E-commerce and online business, Traders and purchasing offices.


Through our connections, reputation and know-how we bring investors and funds to entrepreneurs, growers, factories and projects that need investments.

We connect and match businesses, companies and shares for sale to available funds that are ready to invest.

​Developing and selling CBD products by our brand name and with recommendations from known doctors. As we are part of the medical society in Europe we have some very known names in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors which support, recommend, work and partner with us. Among our abilities is doing clinical trials, according to the highest standards used, for example by Bayer AG.


We know how to enter CBD raw materials and products to manufacturers, distribution lines , clinics, Pharmacies, nature and recreational shops, Chain stores, marketplaces, online channels Etc. 

Opening new markets for our partners. Distributing and selling CBD raw materials and products in Europe, USA, Australia, South America and the emerging  markets of Asia: Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India and more.


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Israel phone: +972-50-3131200

Poland phone: +48-22-2118883

              Phone: +48-739-258490


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